"An Open Letter To Anyone Suffering Due To
Candida Yeast"

Dear Candida Sufferer,

I don't know if your life has been made as miserable with candida as what mine has been, but you or a loved one must be suffering with it or you probably wouldn't be reading this…

Little do you know it, but you've never been closer to a permanent solution- something that's fast & affordable, without going on some ridiculous diet where all you're allowed to eat is skinless chicken breasts and green beans!

So how did your problems with candida start?

Here's When My Issues Started

Mine began when I was a teenager…

There was the typical acne, but then there was other issues that taken one by one weren't that bad but together gradually wore me down through the years.

What kind of issues?

-Gas & bloating. Especially after I ate things containing sugar or wheat.
-A itchy, scratchy and painful yeast infection every few months.
-Bouts of extreme fatigue.
-Times when my head felt like it was full of "fog".

But Not Everyone Has The Same Issues

It's funny, but one of my best friends, who also has suffered with candida, doesn't have any of my issues. Instead she suffers with almost constant oral thrush or a white coating on the tongue and in the mouth. Plus she has nail fungus, which she struggled with for over 20 years.

That's the tricky part of suffering with a candida problem. There are so many potential issues, that you could have a dozen people in a room and each could have a different issue!

The List Of Potential Issues Tied To A Candida Yeast
Overgrowth Is Very Long

Do you know why this happens? Do you know why there are so many different health issues that many connect to a candida problem? Well it's like this…

As you may or may not know, candida or as some call it candida yeast is a fungus. It's not bacteria. Actually bacteria or good bacteria within your intestinal tract, helps keep candida fungus under control. Basically the good bacteria will "eat" the fungus.

So does it mean that if you have a candida problem that you don't have enough good bacteria? Many say "yes"!

The Reasons You May Have A Candida Problem

You may be wondering why candida decided to pick on you?

The answer is that each and every one of us has candida yeast fungus within our bodies- There's no getting away with it. We all have some. It's just that some of us unlucky ones have too much of it.

Something happens within or our bodies that all of a sudden helps cause the fungus to start to grow out of control.

Many experts agree that our diets- full of sugar is a big contributor to candida problems.

You know how grapes are turned into wine don't you? Basically yeast fungus eats the sugars found within the grapes and "poops" out alcohol!

It's All About The Toxic Candida "Poop"

The same thing happens within our bodies. The fungus eats the sugars we put into our systems and "poops" out a variety of waste products.

The bad news is that we can have an allergic reaction to this waste, and since candida fungus puts up to 80 different types of waste into our bodies, we can suffer with a great many issues.

Do you see how one person can one set of issues and someone else can have issues that are totally different? That's because you may have allergic reaction to certain types of candida waste where someone else may have a totally different reaction.

I think by this point you can see how a diet of too much sugar can help contribute to our candida fungus problems. Here's what else can make our issues worse…

Antibiotics Can Help Make Our Issues WORSE!

Using too many antibiotics.

I know you're thinking, "Aren't antibiotics a good thing?" And the answer is "yes" antibiotics are a good thing! But when we have to take too many of them, bad things could happen in our intestinal tracts.

You remember when I said that it's the good bacteria within our bodies that helps keep the candida fungus under control?

Well it's true!

And when you take antibiotics, the medicine begins to kill off the bacteria within our bodies- good or bad bacteria it doesn't matter.

With the number of good bacteria reduced within our bodies, the candida fungus can run amok- eating more and more sugar and dumping more toxic waste.

When I was a kid I was always getting antibiotics for strep throat or ear infections. And when I was older I was getting them for my acne.

Little did I know that I was digging my own grave when it came to my candida yeast issues- While the antibiotics were helping me in the short-term they just helped ensure that candida yeast would be with me for many years to come by wiping out much of the good bacteria within my intestinal tract.

Your Issues May Have Been Passed Down To You From Your
Parents Too!

Heredity can affect the fungus too.

My father suffered for decades with athlete's foot, gas & bloating and some of the worst nail fungus you've ever seen.

I guess it was no surprise that I was going to be a candida sufferer too.

It was about 2 years ago when I finally figured out that I had a candida fungus problem…

Gosh, all the "hoops" I had to jump through in order to finally get it under control after all these years.

I Went To My Own Doctor First- What A Mistake That Was!

Just like anyone else, I started with my own physician several years ago…

I remember the first time I went for my yeast infections. Little did I know that those yeast infections were connected to the various other health issues that I was dealing with. But of course at that time I didn't know that, and obviously my doctor didn't either.

He prescribed one of these anti-fungal medications with a long-sounding name, and he said, "Take one every day for the next two weeks."

Which I did, and there was some improvement I have to say. But they you know what happened?

Yep, after a couple months the vaginal yeast infection came back! And while I didn't pay much attention to it at the time several of my other issues started to improve also.


But I never put "two + two" together. I never made the connection that my other problems were associated with whatever was causing my vaginal yeast infections-that would only come much later in my fight against candida yeast fungus.

So a few months later it was back to the doctor again… And while he didn't want to give me another round of prescription anti-fungal medication, he finally relented and did.

What he never said was that these prescription anti-fungal drugs could cause some serious issues with a person's internal organs like the liver and kidneys, and I mean very serious problems.

Why Anti-Fungals Aren't The Answer

You have to understand these prescription anti-fungals are like "weed poison". They basically poison the fungus into submission. So while it's good for combating fungal issues, it's no so good for the rest of your body! But there was another "side affect" of using these anti-fungals that I didn't know about until much later.

After going through the cycle a couple of times of getting a yeast infection, taking an anti-fungal, having it clear up after a bit and then come back, it seemed to me that when it did come back it was even worse than before!

It was only later that I learned that candida yeast fungus could build up a tolerance to these prescription anti-fungals.

The fungus almost "mutates" and that causes a person to keep changing anti-fungal medication. If you're thinking that these prescription anti-fungus products aren't the solution then you're right! If you want to win the battle against candida yeast fungus you need something other than the prescription anti-fungals!

Fortunately it wasn't long after I went on the "anti-fungal merry-go-round" that I found the Internet. And needless to say it did change my life…

The Various Names Of A Candida Yeast Problem

After doing some research it didn't take me long to find out about this "candida" thing or as some called it "candida albicans" or "candida yeast" or simply "yeast".

With the help of the Internet I was able to piece together what I had been doing right and what I had been doing wrong when it came to dealing with my issues. I learned that this is a problem that affects literally millions of people. And it's something that could affect men as well as women. It didn't strike any specific age group either- young and old are equally susceptible.

For many people I think one of the problems is that they don't know that many of their issues are connected. They'll go to the doctor for itchy-dead skin, but they'll not connect it to their sinus problems or their food allergies.

And of course the doctors just treat that one problem, without looking at the "big picture". I shudder when I think how many people are out there suffering each and every day with health issues that are making their lives miserable- and here potential relief is right around the corner for most if not all of their issues if they are just willing to take their health into their own hands.

So, there I was with some inkling of what my problem was- A problem that had been hounding me for many years. The next question was, "What was I going to do about it?"

I Went To A Doctor Of Alternative Health

I decided to pull out the yellow pages and look for a Naturopath or a doctor of natural medicine. I thought that I would get better direction on how to deal with a candida yeast problem as compared to what my general practitioner was able to provide.

The Naturopath I chose to work with was a nice enough lady. As opposed to many in the orthodox medical community, this person at least acknowledged the existence of candida as being a potential health problem! So I felt I was making progress there!

The first thing she suggested was for me to take the alternative health industries version of prescription anti-fungals- things like olive leaf extract, garlic and coconut oil.

The HORRIBLE Candida Yeast Diet!

Secondly she suggested I follow the "Candida Diet". She gave me a few sheets of instructions and out the door I went.

At home that evening, I started going over the details of this diet. Let me tell you, I was immediately floored with how incredibly strict this diet was!

No Sugar
No Flour
No Dairy
No Alcohol
No Fats

It was as if I was following a prison diet- you know, "bread & water" but I wasn't even allowed the bread!

I muttered under my breath, and slowly convinced myself that the Doctor must know what she's doing and if this diet helps me get relief of my issues then I was game!

I think I lasted about 8 days, before I couldn't take it any longer.

It was as if I was eating boneless, skinless chicken breasts with green beans, morning, noon and night.

It was brutal. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Why A Strict Diet Doesn't Work

I don't even know if it was going to work or not. I just know I can't eat like that for the rest of my life. Since that time, I've talked to several people who've attempted that diet too. Most stayed on it no longer than what I did. There were a few brave souls who managed to stay on it for a few weeks…

And what did they think?

They pretty much agreed that there was some benefit, but it was at a horrendous cost. They couldn't go out to eat, because there was many times nothing on the menu that fell it with their diet guidelines.

They felt the amount of benefit they got, wasn't in proportion to the amount of "pain" they had to endure while being on the diet. I can understand exactly what they are saying.

Hey, it's like this, I think there is a tremendous benefit in eating smartly and cutting out some of the carbohydrates we all eat too much off. But, you can only take that so far before it really makes life less enjoyable to live.

Soon after giving up my very strict diet and beginning one that was far more flexible, the Naturopath started me on some high potency probiotics.

Next I Tried Some Probiotics

If you don't know what probiotics are, let me explain… "Probiotics" is a fancy-term for a dietary supplement that contains friendly, live bacteria.

And before you go "ewe" keep in mind that not all bacteria are bad. Like I explained earlier, it's the good bacteria within our intestinal tracts that can help to keep our candida yeast fungus in check.

So for many, getting their candida yeast in check usually involves trying a dietary supplement that contains good bacteria or a probiotic.

Why Most Probiotics Do Not Seem To Help

Now keep in mind that there are literally hundreds and thousands of different strains of good bacteria out there. And some strains seem to be far more effective at battling our fungal demons than other strains. And that's why many people do not get the relief they desire by taking probiotics- It's because most probiotics do not contain the right strains for combating fungus.

And that's what happened to me. I took the probiotics that the naturopath suggested and it helped a little but that was it.

I switched to another type of probiotic and then another…

Each time coming away disappointed in the results.

The bottom line is that though my naturopath was helpful, she just didn't have the right product for me. I've since heard from many others that have shared a similar experience.

They've tried the anti-fungals, the wacky diets and the probiotics and have gotten little or no relief to show for all their efforts…

All This Costing Me Tons Of Money!

Not to mention the money.

Lots & lots of money.

Trust me, going on any sort of low-carb diet is expensive.

Then you tack on the anti-fungals and the probiotics. The result is a lot of money being spent on my candida related issues without seeing a whole lot of improvement.

Reading Books And Ebooks Didn't Help Much Either

In addition I invested in several of the books and ebooks being offered today. Truthfully there wasn't any incredible insight in any of them. Most of the books out there can be boiled down to this suggestion: Go on a very strict candida yeast diet, take anti-fungals and probiotics. End of story. If you're thinking about investing in any of these books- Don't. Just a waste of money in my opinion.

I ended up being very depressed about the whole thing…

Candida yeast just sort of wears you down. Most of the time it isn't one of the issues that makes you depressed, but it's getting hit with one issue after another.

But please don't misunderstand, there are many people out there that have only one issue, like say eczema or oral thrush or chronic fatigue that is so bad that it does impact their lives in a major way.

And like me, many have gone through the depression of not only having to deal with their candida related issue or issues but trying treatment after treatment and getting little or no relief.

Maybe you've been there yourself…

I Started All Over Again- And Found The Answer I Was Looking For!

I decided to go back to the Internet and see if there was something new or something that I had overlooked previously- something that would truly help me find relief.

Somehow I ended up on a website promoting a product called Candida Yeast Support.

I was skeptical of any candida yeast related product at that point, but I checked out the site…

After you've tried product after product, you tend to be skeptical.

What I liked about the product is that it's not like other products out there for candida yeast issues- this product was seemingly designed for people like you and me.

While you may look at it and say, "Well it's another probiotic", the fact is that it's more of a "Super Probiotic". Let me explain why…

As you know, a probiotic is nothing more than a dietary supplement that contains good bacteria- good bacteria that helps keep the candida yeast under control.

The fly in the ointment of all this is that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different strains of bacteria, and some of these strains are much better at helping control candida yeast than are other strains. In fact it seems that most of the strains found in most probiotics offer little in the way of help when it comes to helping manage candida yeast fungus.

So how can you tell if a probiotic has the "right" strains to help you with your candida yeast issues?

The problem is that you can't. Not really anyway. And of course many companies will tell you that their probiotics are useful for helping with candida yeast problems even if they turn out to be rather useless- I know because I had tried many of these over the years. You see many companies don't even acknowledge that some strains of bacteria are better than others.

One way of protecting yourself is getting a probiotic from a company that offers a strong guarantee. But still giving a company $30 or $40 or even $50 dollars upfront for their product, even before you've tried it can be a bit intimidating- especially if you've already tossed away a lot of money on supposed candida relief products.

You Can Try It Before You Buy It!

That's where this Candida Yeast Support was different. They weren't trying to get me to fork over a lot of money to try the product sight unseen…

Nope, they were offering to send me the product for just the cost of shipping and handling. I was then free to try the product for 40 days and if it didn't work, I could send the empty bottle back and I wouldn't be charged anything beyond my initial shipping & handling fee.

I thought that was pretty good!

Secondly, they acknowledged the fact that some strain of bacteria work better on candida yeast than other strain. This was quite the revelation just a couple of years ago. And they did a good job explaining why the strains of bacteria found in their product were better than what you would find elsewhere.

It's More Than A Probiotic

Finally, their product wasn't just a probiotic. It didn't just have the good bacteria in each capsule. Each capsule also contained "food" for the good bacteria that already existed in a person's intestinal tract. The technical term for this is "prebiotic".

In other words this product was helping me to combat my candida yeast demons in two ways. The first was by adding more friendly bacteria to my intestinal tract and the second was through the addition of the prebiotic or bacteria food, which would help the existing good bacteria within my body, grow and reproduce. And by reproducing they help "crowd-out" the bad guys.

Can you see why this is such a helpful product for candida yeast sufferers?

Let me recap why Candida Yeast Support is the product you need to consider for your candida yeast issues…

  • It contains strains of bacteria that are more aggressive when it comes to helping get candida yeast fungus under control
  • It's not just a probiotic- meaning it doesn't just contain friendly bacteria, but it's a prebiotic too! Meaning that it helps "feed" the good bacteria within your intestinal tract, encouraging it to grow and reproduce.
  • You can get a bottle of 60 capsules to try risk free for 40 days. All you pay is $6.95 for shipping & handling. If you're not totally happy with Candida Yeast Support, then you can send it back and you don't pay anything more- not one additional cent. If you decide to keep it, you are billed for $39.95. Now this isn't any sort of automatic shipping thing. You are sent one bottle and one bottle only. If you don't like it, then you can send it back. If you like it, then you keep it and that's it. You aren't sent any more Candida Yeast Support unless you request it.

We only have a limited number of these "Risk Free" bottles that we can offer.  If you want to get candida yeast problems out of your life completely then you need to get Candida Yeast Support TODAY! – Why suffer when you no longer have to?

To get your own risk free bottle of Candida Yeast Support simply click on this link below…

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Thanks for reading my letter!

Lisa Miller


And a personal note from Mike Winicki, the person who's company started offering Candida Yeast Support back in 2005...

In 2004 when we were researching products and solutions for those suffering with a candida yeast overgrowth, no one knew what a candida yeast problem was or how it could affect their health. 

Thankfully times have changed for the better, but there's still a lot that needs to be done.  The medical community is still somewhat indifferent to the whole candida problem.  Over the last almost 10 years we've worked with over 50,000 candida sufferers.  And in that time I've talked to thousands over the phone and through email.  They've told me about there frustrations when it came to getting quality help.  

I would like to think our company has helped narrow the information gap when it comes to this health challenge... And in addition our product, Candida Yeast Support, has helped thousands get their lives back from this problem. 

Many came to us being very skeptical that there truly was help out there, and by offering folks like yourself our exclusive "Try It Before You Buy It" program you can try our Candida Yeast Support for simply the cost of shipping and handling.   For $6.95 I don't know how you can go wrong.  No other company on the Internet is able to offer such a deal because they do not have the confidence in their product like we do.

If you have questions or wish to order over the phone simply call us at 1-888-762-5477.  Or you can email me personally at I'm always here to help any candida yeast sufferer get the relief they deserve!

Mike Winicki-President

834 South Union Street
Olean, NY 14760-3917

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: You can get a bottle of 60 capsules to try risk free for 40 days- from the day you place your order. All you pay is $6.95 for shipping & handling. If you are not totally happy with Candida Yeast Support, then you can send it back within the 40 days (even if the bottle is totally empty), and you pay nothing more- not one additional cent. If you decide to keep it, you are billed one time only for $39.95. This billing will occur 40 days from the date you place your trial order. This is not a subscription or a recurring program. You will not be sent any additional bottles. This offer is limited to one 40-day trial bottle of Candida Yeast Support per household.

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